Like all other popular culture markers, I had dismissed the idea of new years as too pedestrian and mainstream. Like most people using pedestrian and mainstream in the same sentence, I had always celebrated it by hopping across the town through the night.

This time around I had decidedly refused the several options to do the above. A part of me however was appalled at the idea of spending a mindless turn of the day alone. I had ‘grudgingly’ said yes to a dinner, eventually.

I never made it anywhere because of work and eventually came home.

I also now believe in celebrating the endings and beginnings.

And that things change.

I felt the year change.

I wasn’t at all the right social events for all the wrong reasons.

It was worse and so much better.

The past year had been difficult to say the least. It was a year of firsts and like everyones first time it was not fun.

I was only thinking about work when the clock turned reading in bed with no one to talk to was the best idea ever.

I did exactly what I felt like and I was happy.

Last year seemed to wash away. The ugliness of firsts fading into a new year.

Good riddance 2013



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