Dearest Ajeeb!

You know, i have this very old phone that can only receive calls, messages and take pictures that look more like a combination of pixels that are so big that you can point at one of them with your finger on the screen. Well, this phone can only stand a limited amount of messages in its inbox. So it means that every now and then, i have to go through all my messages and delete them one by one. I usually do that in a train or a in the underground. And it’s such a strange thing to do! it’s like  time travel. you’re suddenly reminded of all theses events of your life: a dinner here, a cinema there, an arguement with a lover or a misunderstanding with a friend. And then you think, it’s cool, i’m moving forward – not only because i’m in a train -but also because i live for here and now! but it’s actually such a strange time travel, because for a few minutes you start feeling again all these emotions you felt at different moments in your life. and then after that, you step out of the train and feel a little seasick, like: “oh my god, that was too fast”. And at a slow pace, you walk out of the station with this particular melancholy you thought only autumn can give you. a little heavier though.

sometimes it’s hard to remember that the potatoes are the most important thing. although it still is, right? it doesn’t mean no to fight or to feel indignation, but fearless… and somehow faithful.

take care and write soon


My  Dear J for Journey across time and space,

you say the most beautiful things sometimes. Do they have a station for forgotten memories?

I suppose when you forget memories, the become imagined narratives and thats how stories are born.

I suppose it must be the strangest thing – to relive an immense depth of time in short width.

Dont be sad though. The real world creeps in when we are sad.

It was/ is terrible . My reflexes are slow and I process things at a strange pace. Hence it keeps on weighing on my soul. But potatoes keep me grounded. Because thats all i can do when the world is falling apart :).

i think i will now send you another email that is as light as a glass of champagne.

love A for Ajeeb


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