Do you remember when we held each other in the darkness?
It didn’t make the darkness go away
Those who walk between shadows
Were still there
in Black
The nightmares
Trapped within the
Ink of our pupils
Under the cast of my hair
Across your neck
On the tips of your fingers
when you had traced our story
on the lines that marked my edges
We held on in the dark
to it
We had known the darkness wasnt safe
It was better
‘they can’t see us’
You had whispered across my lips
Black cloaked us from those looking for us
Black held the nightmares in its own prison
And we held on
Behind the veil
Of nights that don’t end,
Lied to ourselves about forevers,
We blacked out the space between our skins
The Black was so absolute then
You had laughed
The sound of you happiness
Lit up my pores

And the darkness melted away
All the lies came to light then
setting me ablaze
and you had pulled back in agony
They saw us
when the lights flared
Our eyes contracted and
The nightmares escaped
Into a harsh dawn

It’s not dark anymore
But we cant see beyond a vast white
to a story lost in the dark

It’s not dark anymore


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