The difference between noise and sound; the former numbs your senses and the latter makes you listen.

‘Rape’ – The word is noise. Cloaked in the din of a media screaming match, the word has been stripped off the anguish, the trauma, the physical and mental scars that it implies. And here lies the problem maybe. The term is loaded to point of exhaustion with implications. It’s too old and rusty to deliver the sharp cut of a steel blade across your skin that it is meant to. Its last season since somewhere along the media buzzword fads, this season is all about the Youtube ban? Jemima and Russell Brand?

Puritans amongst us will feign outrage at comparing ‘being violated’ to the woeful fashion disaster of high-waisted pants on Asian women. The adrenalin-loaded newsrooms will groan at yet another sob story and will woefully carry it on a slow news…

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