‘Look Ma I doodled me a Rumi’ –

Dali’s not so talented younger brother at age 5.

He eventually ended up as an investment banker. Never flew.


The portrait of Rumi is a comedy and other genres.  What exactly is other genres? Go figure. DadaDali is a group based on the surrealism movement so they don’t need to explain anything, especially since they went to the extent of downloading the Dali font for their logo type. So they did their research. For two seconds between closing the 9 gag tab and opening their Facebook page.

Dadaism and Surrealism were two separate movements, both revolutionary in expression but definitively different in expression. The former was an anti war socio cultural reaction that eventually, not at the onset, verged on abstract expression in art, writing, theatre and design. It laid the foundation for what was to come much later – Surrealism.

Now surrealism is easy. There’s Dali, nothing is supposed to make sense because the first few lines on Wikipedia say it’s a hashup of dreams and reality and you can do whatever because the clock melted. So it’s a trip. If anyone asks you, just say its open to interpretation in so many ways because the flyer said they wanted to fly with the hope we may dream too. LSD does the job just as well. To tear apart Rumi, Jung and Herman Hesse was excruciating. All my dreams died. I have no hopes and aspirations and I will spend the rest of existence watching Master Chef.

Rumi’s portrait was like walking into a post –breakup intervention. Im not friends with Rumi, I didn’t get the tub of icecream and the happy drinks so why was I there? Maybe I want to fly. Maybe not. Why Rumi though? I asked myself that several times and to state an obvious pun, my heads still whirling.

Portrait of Rumi should’ve been Rumi cant get over his breakup. Hence I drew up a list for him mainly because I feel terrible for myself. Rumi can go round in circles but it is my duty as someone who walked out with a migrane to do this.

So here goes.



Dear Rumi, since you really cant a get a grip and get over her follow the five step plan IN ASCENDING ORDER (no surrealism throw backs here so stick to the plan) and one day you may learn. Just stop whirling. Really.



  1. Do not put up a performance. Its in bad taste, not lady like at all and other than your friends (who will eventually backstab you) no one cares. Screaming out at regular intervals wont help either. If you cant handle it, please go ahead and indulge in substance abuse. You will fly and dream again.
  2. Yes we know you’re going through a soul crushingly agonizing time. Why must you put us through the same. I promise we’re really miserable people. And I promise I wont come after you because I don’t ever want to see you again, but some one just might. There is such a thing as the butterfly affect. Don’t start it.
  3. Its ok, you are not expected to make sense, be audible and or coherent at this sensitive time. Your accent will vary in the course of one sentence, that’s ok too. Don’t ask your friends to mimic you though. They are creating an illusion of comfort. Why are you friends with Carl Jung anyway? And who is Tasha? Why is Tasha… its not healthy for you at all to have people like her who have severe issues of their own like not knowing how to act and screaming. So put her out of her misery.
  4. Your self esteem is shattered anyway. Why must you make it worse by trying to renovate a space and create redundant spaces that may reflect the big black hole in your soul, but that’s all in your head. The rest of us were confused and we judged you for it. Also, post break up rule no.1 – watch the notebook, eat icecream. DO not dabble into philosophical and/or cultural movements you have no clue about. Dadaism is not Surrealism and dali is NOT the godfather of either. He was a surrealist artist, Andre Besont was the one who started the movement. Your self esteem is in the pits. You will have it crushed if you start throwing pseudo philosophical bits around and that too incorrect.
  5. Never again. Please. Relationships aren’t for you. And the portrait has to be ripped apart. Clean slate. 

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